I admit it. I got frustrated yesterday. Really frustrated.

I know I shouldn’t. I know I should revel in this Something Good that is my new job and a clean house… but I almost lost my temper. I definitely lost my Happy Place.

I discovered that I’m doing myself a disservice. Frankly, My Dear… is nearly two years old. And since August 1, 2011, I have blogged every.single.day. Sometimes, more than once.

In the beginning, when it was about social fiascoes and gaining confidence, it didn’t matter how trite my posts were. Or so I thought. But the more I wrote, the more I had to say. The more important it became to say it well.

And yesterday, my frustrations grew as I realized for about a month now, I’ve not written the way I want to continue to write.

Yes, November and December are always my busy season. Dot’s birthday. Holidays. And this year… a day job! Very exciting stuff. Very exciting, keep-me-on-my-toes stuff. Very exciting, keep-me-on-my-toes-and-holding-my-breath busy stuff.

It dawned on me… I need some R&R. I need to stop this “need” to write, and write when I have something to say. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Don’t worry. It’s just for a short time. For the week between Christmas and New Year’s, Frankly, My Dear… will be on vacation. We may check in from time to time. Run a few ideas past you. After all, I can’t just cut writing out cold-turkey!

Between now and then, I’ll post every day. A vacation is only a vacation when it’s a direction away from something else. If I quit writing now, what kind of vacation is that?

Come to think of, this all consuming day-job is a vacation from my unemployment. Hey, I like that! It’s a good job. I’m still learning the office procedures and rejoicing when glitches are generated from the Home Office system and not because I forgot to do something like hit the enter button. My budget is slowly balancing itself. Actually, it’s more of a teeter-totter; but now and then it levels off.

I need to focus on my job. And my bigger writing projects. My correspondence course. And better blogging. Guess what!

I’m not SuperWoman. Surprised? I am!

So this frustrating revelation led to a better outlook. Instead of remaining frustrated, I’m taking a vacation. I’ll give myself the end of this year to plot out Something Good for next year! Better blog posts. More advertising. Maybe a day trip or two with Mutti and Dot.

Definitely more recipes and writing. And positively a better budget. More reading! And making better use of my lunch hour for such things.

Yup. I just need to regroup, make a schedule, close my eyes, and listen to… nothing. Just for a few days.

I’d invite you to come along… but I think that defeats the purpose…

I’m learning to just be still. And keep my eyes closed. Sometimes it’s just as hard to not see the world, as it is to pay attention.

Retreat: Be Still

I refuse to be a victim of sensory overload.

I’m gonna take a vacation!

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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