The Penny Parable

The Penny Parable

Anyone who knows me knows I have an affinity for pennies. As a child, finding one made the world amazing. Lucky. Blessed. Finding a penny was like opening a door to adventure. I would look around for the unexpected second, and very rare third penny laying about. Finding just one made any kind of day miraculous.

I’ve kept that magic with me. To this day, I still revel in the joy of those small and simple copper coins, but for other, deeper reasons.

As a person who continues to struggle with making ends meet on a regular basis, I take to heart the phrase “counting my pennies”. I make conscious decisions on where my resources go. When any situation arises that seems overwhelming, I learned a long time ago that when I can’t, God can.

I admittedly lose bits of my faith at times. I wonder how I can make my way in this world when it seems so impossible to accomplish the tasks set before me. How will I find enough hours in the day to finish the chores, write the stories, have quality time with Dot? How can I pay the bills when my monthly income is staggeringly less than what I need? How do I stop worrying and just believe? How do I continue trusting in Him? How?

In my darkest moments, in those times of despair and confusion whatever the cause or reason, He unfailingly puts a penny in my path. And I, unfailingly, feel refreshed.


Most of us still make the effort to pick up that stray coin when we see it. Why?

The penny is the beginning of American currency. It is one cent. It’s no longer useful except to pay taxes and collect in jars. Yet we still reach for it, still hold onto it, still feel like Something Good can come of it. Because One is the beginning of all things.

For me, the penny is a symbol of hope and a future; it’s the beginning of a foundation. It says right there, embossed without the possibility of being erased, “In God We Trust”.

And He cares enough to bring that to my attention. Over and over and over again.

As in the Parable of the Talents [Matthew 25:14-30], I believe God will continue to bless us with bigger blessings as we strive to be faithful with the Little Things he entrusts to us. After all, how can we expect Him to shower us with those once-in-a-lifetime moments when we can’t recognize Him in our daily lives?

Many people are so consumed with the Big Miracles they neglect the Everyday Miracles all around us. Too often I find myself wishing for the winning lottery ticket instead of taking stock of the wealth around me: Dot and I have a roof over our heads, reliable transportation, food to eat. Our family and friends are always blessing us with their company and conversations. We have so much to fill our lives.

It’s when I take stock of these things that I realize how God is already taking care of us.

It’s with faith the size of a mustard seed that mountains are moved [Matthew 17:20]. This doesn’t always mean a sudden shift in the cosmos, or a blatant turn-around of a situation. Having faith takes endurance. It’s a task of longevity.

Let’s face it… if faith were Shake-and-Bake Instant, we wouldn’t have struggles, would we? We could just believe and make it happen.

Unfortunately, the Real World doesn’t work that way. Or maybe it’s fortunate. Without perseverance, we wouldn’t learn hope. And hope can be the biggest miracle of all. Hope leads to possibilities. Hope says, “Yes!” when the world says, “What?!” Hope says, “Let’s try!” and “Try again!” Even when we’d rather give up.


Every foundation begins with one. One plan. One base. One step. And then another.

The penny is not insignificant. It’s a start. Pennies are everywhere.

When I see a single solitary penny in my path, I pick it up. Because it’s a message from God that tells me I’m loved enough to have His attentions. The penny tells me He still cares about me, even when I feel invisible or worthless. The penny tells me, I have a foundation to build upon. And little by little, I’ll make my mark.

And just like that single solitary penny, I am valuable. And I may be only one person. But I can make a difference.

Little by little.

One penny can’t do much. But soon enough, they add up. Enough pennies can buy a loaf of bread. And to one person, one loaf of bread can change the world.

Hyacinth for the Soul: Ancient Persian Poem

Hyacinth for the Soul.

That one penny reminds me that God is always nearer than I think. He is always taking care of the tiniest details, so I don’t have to. He’s my foundation.

It starts with One. And grows.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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