On the heels of yesterday’s Penny Parable post, I’m excited.

I’m excited because, first, I found two pennies yesterday morning in a place they previously weren’t: a side pocket in my bag. I know they weren’t there, because I use this bag all the time. But yesterday morning, after posting The Penny Parable, there they were. Later, I found another penny when we finished our shopping at Target (I was successful in not buying needless things, either! Points for This Girl!).

I’m working on frugal craft and recipe ideas for the July newsletter, which will be emailed on the first so y’all have time to see if there’s anything you want for your Fourth of July table. I recently purchased a cell phone camera mount and tripod so I can venture into the world of making better videos. Let’s face it, you don’t need the camera shaking just because I can’t stand still, right? [If you haven’t subscribed to the monthly email newsletter yet, click here. It’s full of great, exclusive content that always include Faith, Family, Food and Fun!]

And my Writing Partner is soon on her way to adventure. Big adventure. The kind of adventure that, if she were anyone else, I’d be spittin’-nails-jealous. But since it’s her, and I know I’ll live vicariously through her, all I can say is, Happy Travels, Megan. And come back very soon. With dragons and jewels.

I received a really great email yesterday morning: The Unemployment Cookbook, Second Edition, has been forwarded to the Judges Panel for the Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Competition. Now I wait until October to see if I won.

The Unemployment Cookbook, Second Edition, entered in Writer's Digest 21st self-published book competition.

Wish Me Luck!

So all these things have been going on. And I haven’t really promoted my newest Kickstarter project. Which is where you come in. I really need help getting the word out. This time around, I’m offering both the First and Second Editions, and a set of both. Easy orders. Easy shipping.

But as you surmised by this post’s title, the funding isn’t where I need it to be. My goal is small, quite reachable, but only if people know about it.

Will you help get the word out? The photo at the bottom of this post will lead you to the Kickstarter campaign where you can read all about it including Project Updates and FAQs. There’s also this link to my Q&A post on the Blog which, hopefully, clarifies everything.

Feel free to share this post through any and every social media site you have. Tell your family. Your friends. Your neighbors. Your trash collector. Your People’s people. Just please help me get the word out!

If you have any questions or ideas, leave them in a comment for me.

As always,
~Molly Jo

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

The Unemployment Cookbook, First and Second Editions

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