Let’s Be Frank… Married Woman #2

I recently asked my trusted women friends who are married some questions about their relationships, past and present. I don’t pretend to know everything, and there’s nothing helpless about asking for help.

Woman No. 2 has these great gems to share:

1.     What does being Christian mean to you?
It means giving up my life to serve and honor the one who has created us. It means standing out from the crowd and standing firm on what God requires of us. It means to praise God for the things that are good and bad in my life and strive to … read the rest. . .

Sweeten my tea and share:

Playing the Fool

I put up a good front: I’m on this great adventure to be more social, to meet people, to go out and express myself, to be brave and bold and daring, and to ultimately, find this world’s definition of True Love.

From the safety of my beloved recliner, I finally signed onto ChristianMingle.com (Thanks, Cris, for catching the previous typos!), and I even made new facebook friends with fans/addicts and the producers of my second favorite tv show, Flashpoint. (Check it out here: Flashpoint Team One.) It’s not me getting out, but it is putting myself out there. And … read the rest. . .

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Diving In

I’m listening to the Partridge Family. I love David Cassidy! His younger brother Shaun, was my first crush. I remember it so dearly. It was the summer between fourth and fifth grade, when some girls were becoming more mature and leaving the rest of us behind. The summer when boys began to notice, but nobody was really sure what they were noticing. We just were aware they were there… and they still had cooties, but a different sort. It was the summer when we giggled every time my older brother’s friend came around and said “hi”. And I would read the rest. . .

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