Edie Melson: Don’t Get Hacked. 8 Tips to Stay Safe Online.

I met Edie within minutes of arriving at my first Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference in 2015. By the end of Tuesday night, she had not only mentored me in her classes, but we became friends. I still remember as the conference came to a close, she told me, “You better stay in touch, girl. We’re cut from the same cloth.” I couldn’t have a better compliment from someone I respect so much.


While you can find me at her blog, The Write Conversation, every third Monday of the month, I wanted my own readers to experience read the rest. . .

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#AmWriting: Keeping Track with Story Cards

Some are discovery writers. Some are outliners. Some are in-betweeners.

Whatever the plotting style, great writers track their story from start to finish.

I, not yet being a great world-famous writer, was in my fifth chapter of NOLA when I realized I’d used much of the same language in Chapter Two. Now, we all know New Orleans is worth visiting more than once, but this novel is a mystery, not a time travel sci-fi.  So, back to the old storyboard I went.

Only I didn’t have a storyboard. No worries. I remembered enough to keep it from happening again. Until … read the rest. . .

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Beckie Lindsey: How Blogging Has Made Me a Stronger Christian

This week’s guest blogger is my beautiful friend and prayer partner, Beckie Lindsey.

We met through a mutual friend’s monthly dinner gathering, when I was invited to share my stories of how The Unemployment Cookbook and Penny Parable came about, and how I use them as missionary tools.

Beckie contacted me several months later and asked to take me to Starbucks in exchange for “picking my brain” on writing. Who am I to say no to a free Starbucks, right? Of course y’all know the answer was “Of course!”

And we’ve been friends ever since.

I asked her to write read the rest. . .

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