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If you follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter, you know I’m the producer of Aaron Gansky’s Firsts in Fiction Podcast. Aaron and his pops, Alton Gansky, are the hosts. I get to call him “Pops” too because I collect parents. It’s just what I do. And if you’ve seen the podcast, you’ll know there’s times I’m kinda glad we’re not really related. But I digress.

So. The Firsts in Fiction Podcast Team. Right. Yes. That’s us. Together, we discuss how to write better fiction.

Recently we made a change or two, and streamlined the location. Previously, you would … read the rest. . .

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What If We’re Not Drowning?

The news is bad. We’re overwhelmed, suffering, trying to cope without the right tools. We just need a hand up, a friend alongside us. We just need to know we’re not alone, and a reason to believe it will get better.

We feel like we’re drowning.

The storm hits, the hurricane comes in, and with it comes the dark. The scary. The unknown. The ugly, doesn’t-belong-here, never-asked-for-this stuff.

Our Paradise is lost in the mire.

And we can’t catch our breath. Because as soon as we come up for air, another wave crashes over us, the tidal waves pull us … read the rest. . .

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