Shine Like the Star You Are

by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

Psst. Yeah, you.

That’s right. I’m talkin’ to you.

What’s your favorite thing to do? Nah, you don’t have to tell me out loud. But, really. Think about it. I bet right now you’re smiling, aren’t ya?

There are certain talents we individually possess, certain traits, habits, behaviors. Wonderful things that bring out the best in us. The things we do to make ourselves feel good and healthy, to bless others, or just because.

Ever realize no one else can do it quite like you?

That’s right. I’m talkin’ about you.

You are … read the rest. . .

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Frankly, On Faith: At the Table

by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

The family table is where it all happens: It’s where the day is discussed over great food. Plans are made. Moments shared. It’s community at its finest. Serious discussion and laughable antics abound.

And when your chair is empty, God sends out His Son to find you and bring you back.

Because you’re that important to Him.

You bring something to the table no one else can: You bring you.

Don’t deprive the family of your company.

And Frankly, My Dear . . . That’s all she wrote!

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Social Media Saturday: That Time You Said Too Much

by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

Oops. We did it again. We overshared. Coulda been a status update where delete would have been the better option. Coulda been a tweet from a, uh, unsavory source. Coulda been one or two or ten million things that we prob’ly obviously should not have put out there.

Can I just say, we’ve all been there, done that.

Trust me.

Depending on what you’ve done, you may have to do some damage repair. But for the most part, you can recover.

It’s important to take a deep breath and think this through before taking … read the rest. . .

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