My Bucket List for June, 2012

I know, I know… life is most certainly going to get in the way…

But still…it’s nice to have a few things on the To-Do List, right?
Here’s the start of my List for June, 2012:

    • Celebrate Dot & Friends’ Graduation.
    • Blog every day.
    • Write at least an hour every day on the Big Projects.
    • Get a job. A good job. A really good, permanent, well-paying, room-for-advancement job.
    • Cook each day from The Unemployment Cookbook.
    • Order the next print run for The Unemployment Cookbook.
    • Write at least three short stories to submit to contests, competitions, and magazines.
    • Get caught up on The Bookshelf.
    • Deep clean the Master Bathroom and Master Bedroom.
    • Make chocolate treats for every day.
    • Walk a little, every day.
    • Pay off at least one bill. In full.
    • Wake up Will Power and get him back into the World at Large.
    • Study photography. Really study. Learn tips and tricks with my camera, and go on photo shoots with professionals.
    • Get my next assignment submitted to ICL.
    • Smile more than I did in May.
    • Appreciate every single apple.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

What’s the Word? Wednesday (Blog Hop): May 30, 2012

Can you believe it’s nearly the end of May? This month went by too fast… and too slow. How ’bout for you?

Well, one thing you can (usually) count on is that it’s “What’s the Word? Wednesday” on Frankly, My Dear…

This week has no theme. It’s just a round-table get together in the Big Blog World.

What’s the Word? Wednesdays is a linky that allows other bloggers to share whatever is on their minds that they want to talk about. Think of it as a virtual coffee date with some great friends. What’s going on in your world? Tell us all about it!

A few things to remember:

Each week’s linky is valid from Wednesday through the following Tuesday. So if you link a post today, you can still come back and link another post tomorrow!

If you add a link, please put the badge on your post as well.

Be sure to check out what others are posting, and even leave a few comments.

After all, a great coffee date is one where everyone gets to chat, dontcha think?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!