Scarab Beetle

In my job as an insurance agent, I talk to a lot of clients about their homes and yards. As you know, I’m always on the lookout for how to beautify my desert dirt lot. I have great tips on how (and what) to garden. I love hearing and seeing the different creatures Mother Nature nurtures.

Lately I’ve seen more butterflies. Who can forget this beautiful Hummingbird Moth I discovered at Lowe’s?

Hummingbird Moth

Hummingbird Moth

Or cute, tiny Fred?

A Lizard in the Hand

A Lizard in the Hand

Two days ago I drove over to Mom’s for our morning coffee together. There was a rock in the driveway so I avoided it and any potential damage it might cause to my tires. As I exited Ursula (as I’ve affectionately named my car), Mom called me over with a twinge of excitement. “I want to show you something.”

She was watering her flowers and I thought perhaps a new butterfly or petals. Instead, she pointed to the rock and it was then I discovered it was no rock at all, but a stunning green and yellow Scarab beetle!

Green and yellow Scarab beetle

Scarab Beetle

Green and yellow Scarab beetle

Scarab in the Shade

Over an inch in length and content to be my model for the next five minutes, it reflected the peeking sun and dulled with the clouds. It’s a sight we’ve not seen in the desert. As I do with all things, I quickly named it. “Lucky”. For he (she? it?) is a wondrous shade of green highlighted with yellow undertones. It was impossible for me to not fall in love with this unique and magnificent creature.

The Scarab is an ancient Egyptian symbol of luck and wealth. It’s not lost on me that this Scarab should also be the color of money. And emeralds. And jade. All of which are considered lucky. All of which, coincidentally, are some of my favorite things in life.

Going beyond myth and legend, I have always been attracted to shades of green. I find them refreshing, soothing, invigorating, and energizing. My Narnia-inspired media room (or, Spar Oom, as it’s also known) is painted a peaceful Mountain Sage color.

The photos above don’t do it justice.

Green and yellow Scarab beetle

Shiny Scarab (the best photo!)

Look at the intricate detail of his glorious hard wings, large eyes, and all those legs and tendrils! Had I not needed my coffee and then to scoot off to work, I would have stayed for hours watching him. Just watching him as he watched me.

He must have known I had other things to soon steal my attentions, for he began to wander away. But not before I captured a short video of his journey.

Here’s the original video I captured:


But he must really be lucky. Because I decided to try my hand at video editing and after just a few hours, have something Lucky would be proud of. It’s rough, I’ll admit. I’m not a professional. And I don’t fully know what I’m doing yet. But I’m getting there. And Lucky? Well, he’s getting there, too… wherever “there” is for a green and yellow Scarab beetle.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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Almost an Empty Nester

Life at Bedford Manor is changing. Dot starts her second year of college this week. College! While some of her friends are going away to school, we can only afford for her to attend the local community college. Turns out, it may be the best decision anyway because it has one of the best nursing programs in the state. Yup. Dot’s gonna be the greatest Peds Nurse since Arizona entered Grey’s Anatomy.

So far we’ve navigated nicely. While I’m working the day job, she’s been taking care of the home front. Last week she earned her keep by nearly scrubbing every inch of our house in preparation for the jewelry party we hosted. Since then, we’ve both done much to keep it clean: wash our own dishes right away. Make the beds as soon as we tumble out of them. Dust the furniture when the furfamily moves. It’s been wonderful.

I love coming home to a clean ~ really clean ~ house. I like not having a huge list of chores to conquer. Just a short To-Do like check the mail, water the garden. Things that cumulatively take less than fifteen minutes. That leaves the entire evening free to spend with Dot.

And that’s about to change.

Because my wonderful daughter, friend, confidante, and house-cleaner just got her first job. You may have seen the news on my Facebook page.

It’s one of those it-could-only-happen-to-her things. We were at the right place at the right time when she heard about the opening and landed the first interview. The rest was all her! Dot doesn’t realize how blessed she is. But she’s starting to understand.

I’ve been mentally preparing for a few months. I knew once she went back to classes our closeness would shift. She’ll be doing homework at night. Some mornings I might be lucky to just get in a hug goodbye as she leaves.

And now she’s got a job.

Which makes me wonder, what other good things will go her way this year? Is this the year she moves to her own place? (I seriously hope not, but if so, please please please let it be a place that allows cats. Fluffy can’t be without Dot for more than a few hours before that mad howling kicks in.) Is this the year she goes out more than stays home? I told her “home” is not a pit stop. But I can’t fault her for enjoying these moments while she can. Is this the year I lose her as my baby finds herself? Yeah. That’s the tear-jerker statement right there.

At first, the thought of her working made me lonely. I imagine there will be nights when I’ll be eating alone. Nights when she’ll call and say her best friend is in town and they’re going out after work. Mornings when she’ll want to sleep in that extra half hour instead of having a morning chat as I get ready for my day.

The thought of her working made me lonely.

But it exhilarates her. And her exhilaration is contagious. Her future is in front of her, and she’s grabbing hold.

And I’m not so lonely as I anticipate a quiet zone that allows for more writing. More story telling and blogging and typing and wordsmithing and writing. Yeah. This job is gonna be a good thing for me her.

A job ~ this job ~ means new people. Extra income. Opportunities. Socialization… and many Pumpkin Spice Lattes for Da Momma.

My Own Personal Barista

My Own Personal Barista

But don’t tell her that. She thinks this moment is all about her.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!