In my ever growing efforts to grow my blog, recently I’ve discovered, a website community for bloggers to get tips and traffic from each other.

Because I have so much time on my hands (or is it just that I’m a glutton for punishment?), I signed on to participate in the NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month. All it takes is a commitment to write daily posts for the month of November. I figure since I’ve already written every day, and sometimes more than that, for the past two months, why not go for the hat trick?

So here I am, prepping away. The glory of NaBloPoMo is increased blog traffic through aforementioned, potential prizes, and this really great blog badge:

I’m looking forward to another month of recipes, party planning, stories, and a whole bunch of whatnots that make my life Real.

And lucky you… you get to read about it.

Now isn’t that special?  ; )  [Hey, mom! That’s a winky face. See the semi-colon? That’s the winky eyes. The parenthesis? That’s the smile. See? Winky face. Turn your head sideways. No. The other sideways. There ya go.]

Author’s Notes: Gone Swimming

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This is another prompt from Writer’s Digest Community: You and a friend break into your neighborhood swim club late one night to go for an after-hours dip. While splashing around in the pool, you go into shock when a dead body floats to the top. Worse yet – it’s someone you know.

It happens that during the week I found this prompt, I had seen a few episodes of The Twilight Zone. I’ve not written much in the way of sci-fi or thrillers, so I wanted to give it a try.

What could be worse than discovering the “you” that you feel you are, is actually dead? How does a person reconcile the moment of death with the collision of their own body? Does the spirit and mind live on, and can it play tricks on you?

It’s hard to explore these questions in 750 words or less, but I did enjoy the challenge of what might be.