NOLA, Zatarain’s Style

Last Tuesday we celebrated our recent successes, NOLA style. If you missed that post, you can read it here. I had a blast shopping for Mardi Gras decor, mixing up Hurricane mocktails, and feeding my guests with the great food provided by Zatarain’s.

How great was it of them to send me a box full of their rice mixes and seasonings? I chose to make the Brown Rice Jambalaya, Garden Vegetable Rice, and my salmon with the Blackened Seasonings mix.

What I love love love about Zatarain’s:

  • They make everything easy. You can prepare foods per package instructions,
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Welcome back to Five Things Friday. My theme for this week is #DoingTheWriteThing. I can’t get tired of it. The more I promote writing, the more addicted to writing I become.

Every conversation I hear, every sight I see, every sense I experience is placed in my mental filing cabinet (and sometimes on paper) for probable later use.

Reading about writing excites me. I’m currently studying Flannery O’Connor’s “Mystery and Manners” and came across this gem, Number One on today’s Five Things Friday.

1. My writing mentor assigned me to read two books. Flannery O’Connor’s “Mystery and Manners” is the … read the rest. . .

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Five Years and a Party

Five years ago today I found what would become Bedford Manor. For over a year I’ve been writing NOLA, my murder mystery set in New Orleans.This week an article I wrote for my Writers Club was solicited to be featured in a larger, Southern California-wide publication. This morning, The Unemployment Cookbook was released for Kindle at Amazon. And tonight, one of my favorite shows, NCIS, has a spin-off series debut with NCIS: New Orleans.

Naturally, I have to celebrate.

With the great food that Zatarain’s sent me a few weeks ago (look for the product review post in a few … read the rest. . .

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