Eight Days and 75% To Go

On the heels of yesterday’s Penny Parable post, I’m excited.

I’m excited because, first, I found two pennies yesterday morning in a place they previously weren’t: a side pocket in my bag. I know they weren’t there, because I use this bag all the time. But yesterday morning, after posting The Penny Parable, there they were. Later, I found another penny when we finished our shopping at Target (I was successful in not buying needless things, either! Points for This Girl!).

I’m working on frugal craft and recipe ideas for the July newsletter, which will be emailed on the first … read the rest. . .

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The Penny Parable – Part I

Anyone who knows me knows I have an affinity for pennies. As a child, finding one made the world amazing. Lucky. Blessed. Finding a penny was like opening a door to adventure. I would look around for the unexpected second, and very rare third penny laying about. Finding just one made any kind of day miraculous.

I’ve kept that magic with me. To this day, I still revel in the joy of those small and simple copper coins, but for other, deeper reasons.

As a person who continues to struggle with making ends meet on a regular basis, I take … read the rest. . .

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Just under two weeks ago I went to the monthly meeting of the local California Writer’s Club. If you’re into writing, I suggest you check your state listings for Writers Groups in your area. Whether you aspire to be a professional writer or just jot words on paper for your own enjoyment, a Writer’s Club can help you develop your skills and give you a community of like-minded people to offer feedback and encouragement.

In our last meeting, we discussed poetry. In particular, we spoke of ekphrastic poetry: using art to inspire. It stems from the Greek ekphrasis: literally, description; … read the rest. . .

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