Jam With Mojo: Jamberry Cuticle Oil

There’s one truth that people tell me almost every day: I have a lot on my plate.

A Lot on my Plate: Del Taco and Jamberry

A Lot on my Plate: Del Taco and Jamberry

The first reason I recently signed up as a Jamberry consultant was for the discount. Let’s be real: Who doesn’t love saving money for things you already do? I buy Jamberry, and the more I buy, the more I love. So saving money while doing so is one of my no-brainers. And we’re not talking just five percent, either. We’re talking a substantial reason to keep myself in business.

The more I enjoyed, the more it showed, the more friends became interested in having shows of their own (see what I did there?). So the second no-brainer is to pursue this venture for supplemental income.

My Mother's Day Jamberry Nails

My Mother’s Day Jamberry Nails

Okay. Let’s run down that list again:

  • Substantial discount
  • Time with friends
  • Making new friends
  • Feeling more confident (isn’t that what a great mani-pedi does for every woman?)
  • Extra income

Wearing Jamberry nail wraps and lacquer allows my creative side to flourish even more. The mix-and-match-ability are never ending. They even have NAS (Nail Art Studio) which allows you to design your own wraps by simply uploading your own art to the website (copyright images not allowed, all images subject to approval).

But back to too much on my plate. Jamberry wraps are quick to apply. The lacquer dries faster than other brands. And they last. Like, a long time. This Girl’s nails were always chipping and peeling what with the amount of paper shuffling, keyboard clacking and housework I do. I was lucky if I could get polish to stay on for three days.

Well, thanks to Jamberry, a tiny investment of money and time allows me to look pretty and feel confident for up to two weeks.

I’ve been asked what my favorite hand care essential is and I have to say, it’s the $10 Cuticle Oil. This little brush-on bottle works wonders in less than a minute. Don’t believe me? A photo (or two) is worth a thousand words.

Thirty seconds: Before and After Jamberry Cuticle Oil

Thirty seconds: Before and After Jamberry Cuticle Oil

(And check out how awesome my eight-day old lacquer and wraps are holding up!)

The cuticle oil has a light, uplifting fragrance. It doesn’t leave a residue on hands or fingers. It’s almost therapeutic to apply before a jam-packed day (ooh, see what I did there?) or when getting ready for bed.

Sure, $10 (retail) is two Starbucks. Or a dinner out. But it lasts longer than both. I will definitely keep this in my bag and in my nightstand. Because it takes just a small amount, the 0.4 ounce brush bottle lasts a long time. It’s recommended for twice-daily use, but can be used more frequently as the need arises.

If you’d like more information on ordering, hostessing, or joining the Jam With MoJo team, please visit my Jam With MoJo website.

And Frankly, My Dear . . . that’s all she wrote!

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Jam With MoJo

One Post at a Time

Before leaving Blue Ridge, we were cautioned.

“Once you leave the mountaintop,
there’s only one way to go ~
Into the valley.”
~Alton Gansky, Final Keynote Speaker,

We were told what we learned was to be shared. We were being sent out to be springs in the desert, which in my case is quite literal.

Life Can Be Prickly - Cactus

Life Can Be Prickly

As wonderful as the Blue Ridge experience was, as foundational as these new friendships have proven to be, coming home was hard. Reconnecting to the world I left behind was difficult.

I’ve been trying to make sense of the blender in my head, chopping and refining and mixing all the information and activity and life that continues. I’ve been trying to put all the new, and old, life into the same container.

Etc., etc., etc. . . .

Etc., etc., etc. . . .

Surprise ~ it doesn’t all fit.

I needed a way to better manage the new roads that are leading me to greater things.

In particular, I’ve been further developing my Social Media Management.

How To Do Social Media For People Who Are Antisocial

How To Do Social Media For People Who Are Antisocial

But I wasn’t working it as well as I could have. I was inundated with the thought that I had to learn more, prep more, explain more, before I had something worth sharing.

The immensity of all that lay before me was overwhelming.

And then I remembered what Edie Melson taught us.

Social media is always changing.

Sounds like a “DUH” moment, right? You would think so.

The real “DUH” moment came when I realized because social media is always changing, it’s impossible for me to learn everything about it. My task is to share my current knowledge while growing. Not stop growing and then share stagnant information.

I don’t have to do everything all the time, as long as I do something when I can. My friend Tony put it this way:

“Consistency trumps intensity…better to work 20 minutes 6 days per week for 90 days than to work 40 hours per week for two weeks…it keeps you from burning out and the magic of your own biz is the ‘part time’ effort…imagine if someone went to the gym 8 hours in one day and called it good for the month…”

I’ve been asked to join several group blogs and share my social media knowledge. I don’t know as much as others, but I know more than some. That doesn’t mean I have to know or do everything all at once.

So I changed my mind.

I’m no longer crushing through hours each night, trying to flood my laptop with links and posts and media connections and classes and learning and teaching.

I’m no longer waiting until I know it all. What I already know is worth sharing. What I already do is worth doing for others.

Instead of trying to do it all, I look at what needs to be done now.

I don’t always like To-Do Lists. Those never ending beasts are an evil necessity with their continuous trails and side paths that often lead you away from contentment. As soon as you mark off one item, there’s another five to be added.

I’m starting a new To-Do List. One that makes it easier to manage everything else. So far, I’ve got one task.

1. Don’t Overdo the To-Do List.

It really can be that simple. Today I have things that have to get done. Blogging, NOLA Chapter 2 third draft, laundry, housecleaning, dinner. I have social media clients I need to take care of. But I can do it, just for today. Just for this week. I don’t need to schedule posts that are a month out. Not yet.

Burnout is too easily achieved when we try too hard to ignore ourselves.

It’s okay to take things one puzzle piece at a time. It’s okay to not have all the answers. It’s okay to not be the best at everything.

And it’s okay to take things one post at a time.

And Frankly, My Dear . . . that’s all she wrote!

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