Spiders and Shingles

Last January, I was bit by something on my back, presumably a black widow. I had all the symptoms, and it subsequently triggered an attack of shingles as well. The doctor didn’t want to check out the bite mark, because all he saw were my many freckles and moles. But I knew it was there. Four of them. I knew, because when I rubbed muscle cream on my back… well, let’s just say there’s a reason they warn you not to apply on open wounds. I thought my back was on fire!

Anyway, because today I’m tired and don’t feel … read the rest. . .

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Know Your Audience

“Know your audience”. As a writer, that’s a common phrase that gets overlooked. It basically means, make sure you’re authentic to the target group. If I’m writing romance, I’d better throw in some good conversation, cuddle time, and ambiance. A great thriller should include twists and turns, dark skies, and lots of action.

The trilogy I’m working on is writing itself. Megan and I hash out our thoughts and ideas, then put them on paper; always pleasantly surprised at the progress. We try to stay true to our genre, adding little elements of everything here and there. Researching what we … read the rest. . .

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Friends v. Friends

There are friends, and then there are Friends.

I’ve been in an obvious funk lately: no job = less income = more bills + chronic knee injury = more pain = more stress = less sleep + less writing = irritability. So to protect the world around me, I’ve sort of withdrawn into solitude. I didn’t want to bring my friends down with me. I’ve been fairly silent on facebook and let calls go to voicemail.

Not wanting to be one of those friends who takes more energy than they give, it was just easier to put up the “Do … read the rest. . .

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