“Be Not Afraid”. Yes, I’m talking to YOU.


And then, again.


That’s what my friend Lisa says these types of writings do for her. When God uses me to write His message on her heart. She gets thunked.

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed from my incredible lack of writing lately, there’s not been a lot of thunking going on. Sorry, Lisa.

I need a respite. A retreat. I need to find a way to afford a weekend getaway to disconnect from the world and reconnect with my daughter, my writing, and my God. I need nature. To spend time in His world and renew my view. I … read the rest. . .

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Harry’s House of Hens

If you’ve been on my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram (TheRealMojo68) in the past few days, you may have seen this adorable photo.

Harry's House of Hens

Dot’s grandparents received a shipment of mail-order chicks last week. I know. Mail order?! But apparently it’s quite humane. They ship overnight with air filter and cooling packs to keep the chicks comfortable. Good to know.

They ordered them quite a few weeks ago, which allowed time for Grandpa to build this amazing chicken coop.

Harry's House of Hens

Grandpa has a workshop out of his garage. I don’t mean a little table with a tiny saw for cute … read the rest. . .

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Reporting Isn’t About Facts. It’s About People.

Today’s post is from reporter Amy Zillner. She’s the reporter who reached out to me in November to help me get the word out about The Unemployment Cookbook.

As a creative writer, I’m intrigued with how reporters grapple with “just the facts”. I opened up a Guest Blog post to Amy with one caviat: Write what you want. I gave her no leading, no subject, and when she asked, I refused to give her direction. I wanted this post to be strictly herself, in her own words.

This is Amy’s post.

Reporting isn’t about facts, it’s about people

Hi all!
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