This Month’s Theme: September, 2012

Just two months ago, I embarked on a challenge to share a new theme for each week.

Let’s face it. While I’ve had a great theme each week about endurance, hope, faith, friends, food… I haven’t been so great at sharing them.

I think it’s more realistic to limit a new theme to each month instead. At least, it’s more manageable.

In any event, for September I’m choosing to always look on the bright side. I hope you will, too.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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Sweeten my tea and share:


Okay, not really.

I don’t have a solid post for today. I was busy all day running errands, doing paperwork, and job searching. So I didn’t think about this blog post until it was almost too late.

But it’s not – repeat: not – the end of the world.

But the title did get me thinking of those epic stories and movies.

So here’s a little compilation of my favorite “end of the world (or our little corner)” stories that I really like:

“The Poseidon Adventure”




“Left Behind”

“The Matrix”

“Independence Day”

and my favorite…
“The Day … read the rest. . .

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