THE NEWSROOM: Aaron Sorkin is My New Television Hero. Again.

[NOTE: This blog post is written after viewing only the premiere episode of THE NEWSROOM. All opinions herein are solely based on oneĀ  episode… so far…]

I have a list of favorite TV Shows. While it’s no secret that FLASHPOINT tops the list, the remaining Top Ten tend to blur together. My order of preference depends on what my mood is. Generally, you can always interest me in watching any of the following:

Frasier reruns
Cheers reruns
Friends reruns
Blue Bloods
Once Upon a Time
The Waltons reruns
The West Wing reruns

Of course there’s many more. Anything … read the rest. . .

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The Adventures of Molly & Megan: Prologue (Writing the Back Story)

My writing partner and I got together today. It’s always a hoot when we do. Thankfully, today was a day filled with more real-writing and less let’s-talk-about-everything-but-writing.

I love it when we get together. We have the same ideas for our characters and the plots. She finds inspiration in pictures and drawings; I find mine in nature and poetry. We get together, talk out the themes and ideas and what if’s…

And after three hours together today, what has been planned as a three-book epic story has now grown into (at least) five. (Just to give you an idea of … read the rest. . .

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