Life Moment: Stalker at the Store

This is what I looked like when I went out today.

I want you to see this, because before you read my story it’s imperative that you understand how I was dressed and how I presented myself. I wasn’t flashing skin. I didn’t wear a skirt shorter than my sweater. I wasn’t timid nor bullyish. I was, in fact, just having a nice, quiet day.

Alone, I’m nearly 5’9. Stomping around in my two-inch heels I’m not easily intimidated. But just a few hours ago I had one of those moments that changed that.

Today was my day to take … read the rest. . .

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Girl, Protected: Damsel in Defense

Dot passed her driving test on Friday. She starts college in three weeks. She’s 17, and a natural beauty. This Mom worries every time she’s two seconds late coming home. I glare when young men do a double-take when she enters their line of vision.

I am a Mother Bear, and I will protect my cub. No. matter. what.

So I was absolutely thrilled when my friend Diane called me last month to tell me about her new venture: she is now a Damsel in Defense Pro. Over coffee, I learned how she wanted to make sure her petite niece, … read the rest. . .

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