Do You Know FPTO?

You’re either screaming out loud, “Ohmagosh, YES!!” or scratching your head in wonder.
FPTO (say it with me: “Fip-Toe”) is the Emerald City for those of us who know good great television.


Flashpoint is to TV what The Godfather is to movies. What Frank Sinatra and Andrea Bocelli are to music. What tiramisu is to dessert…

In other words, it’s not “just” a show.



Flashpoint is, of course, the greatest cop drama around. And I’m not just saying that. Yes, I’m addicted to the show. But that’s not the point. The point is, why?

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Hello/Goodbye: How Flashpoint Keeps Hitting the Mark

by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

Flashpoint: -noun. A critical point or stage at which something or someone suddenly causes or creates some significant action. A critical situation or area having the potential of erupting in sudden violence.

Flashpoint: -noun. A Canadian cop-drama set in Toronto. Concurrently aired on CTV in Canada and CBS in the United States on Friday nights.

The Better Man

People either love Flashpoint, or look like you’re speaking a foreign language when you talk about it. Thankfully, I now live in that strange country, and invite you to join me.

Unlike so many regular shoot-em-up cop dramas, this is … read the rest. . .

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