So. I Need Your Help. Please.

Dear Reader-Subscriber-Follower-Family-Friend-Inquisitive Person,

You may have heard I wrote a Cookbook. If you’ve been around the Blog or my Facebook page (or me) for anything length of time, this is not news. In fact, you may think it’s all I talk about.

The truth is, I’ve worked very hard at not spamming you with an abundance of posts relating to the Cookbook itself. Sure, you’ve been reading about my recipes and Meal Plans and how places like Casey’s Cupcakes and WinCo Foods are taking notice. So I must be doing Something Right.

But it’s not quite enough.

I need your … read the rest. . .

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Word of Mouth Advertising

I’ve been promoting my Kickstarter Campaign in various formats on various platforms. And I have to say, while it doesn’t look like I’ll reach my goal [although never-say-never; there’s over two weeks left (nudge, nudge!)], I’ve been having fun drafting the “commercial” and creating some photo art to help spread the word.

From a purely creative standpoint, I’m rather proud of the following efforts:

*I created a Facebook Event for my personal friends to check status updates.
*My YouTube video will be a basic commercial that I can use even after the Kickstarter Campaign ends.
*I’m discovering how to use … read the rest. . .

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Kickstarter Update

Pretty, isn’t it? That’s the cover to The Unemployment Cookbook, First Edition. Only I didn’t know at the time it was First Edition. Now I’m taking pre-orders for the Second Edition, and it’s just as exciting!

I had no idea when I started my Kickstarter campaign to sell pre-orders and raise funds for publication, how entirely nerve-wracking and roller-coastery it would be. (Is roller-coastery a word? It is now!)

It’s so delightful to hear from people who tell me how excited they are for this Project. Easy, inexpensive menus. Full, hearty flavors.

And while I’m trying not to push this … read the rest. . .

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How to Be a Wine Snob Without Even Trying

I want to be a Wine Snob. I want to be able to tell from the color and aroma in my glass that it’s going to be good or bad. I want to know right away which bottle to serve with my chicken, my fish, or my aperitifs.

But wine is expensive. Usually. So I’ve learned a few tricks to develop a taste for good wines. This won’t do if you’re in a hurry to learn about wine. And by no means is this the only, or even the best way, to learn. But for myself, I’ve enjoyed taking this … read the rest. . .

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