Hand of Adonai Launch Party

It’s a bit surreal to announce, but Tuesday, Aaron D. Gansky’s newest book, Hand of Adonai: The Book of Things To Come is finally available.

The first in a series, Hand of Adonai is a Young Adult Fantasy novel that starts in North Chester, Minnesota and ends in Alrujah, a video game kingdom created by best friends Lauren Knowles and Oliver Shaw.

Don’t be fooled by the genre. This book has been read and enjoyed by all ages.

Being Aaron’s social media manager has its perks. I was also one of his beta readers. That just means a few pre-release … read the rest. . .

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You know those Blog changes I’ve been talking about? Well, some of the behind-the-scenes ones are already in the works. (Thanks, Webmaster!)

I’m visiting many other Blogs to get aesthetic ideas as well. I’m hoping to streamline my many tabs, have a better design (to tie in with New Inklings Press), and just make it look more professional as well as be easier for you to manage.

One of the changes I was not counting on was losing my email subscribers through a Feedburner glitch.

That’s right: I’m not even sure any of you are still getting my posts … read the rest. . .

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