My #GrillMatesPack from Chatterbox and McCormick

Have you ever heard of House Party? It’s a social network website where companies choose applicants to showcase their product. Typically, if chosen to participate, you agree to invite at least 12 people to your shindig and promote the whazoo out of it before, during and after. Tweet, post, link, like, comment and share. Post videos. Tweet photos. Pin party ideas. Whichever product you’re chosen for, you also agree to host your party on a specific day. That’s right. It’s like a national block party with 1,000 gatherings taking place at the same time. How fun is that, right?… read the rest. . .

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Klout Influencer Review: McDonald’s new Quarter Pounder

Recently I was given the opportunity to review one of McDonald’s new Quarter Pounder Burgers. I chose the spicy Bacon Habanero Ranch, not sure what to expect. I don’t generally go all-in over something that might clear my sinuses after one bite, but I was looking for something with a little more kick than the norm. And since it was free, I figured why not?

I also had this great coupon to include a free medium fries and beverage with any new Quarter Pounder purchase.

Not a bad offer, eh? So after a day at work followed by two hours … read the rest. . .

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