Scarab Beetle

In my job as an insurance agent, I talk to a lot of clients about their homes and yards. As you know, I’m always on the lookout for how to beautify my desert dirt lot. I have great tips on how (and what) to garden. I love hearing and seeing the different creatures Mother Nature nurtures.

Lately I’ve seen more butterflies. Who can forget this beautiful Hummingbird Moth I discovered at Lowe’s?

Or cute, tiny Fred?

Two days ago I drove over to Mom’s for our morning coffee together. There was a rock in the driveway so I avoided it … read the rest. . .

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Our First Winter Storm

I know it’s not winter. Not yet. But someone forgot to tell the Weather so. Because in a drastic shift of climate, our temperatures went from 75 on Tuesday to only 52 on Wednesday, complete with strong winds and stormy clouds. There was even a forecast for snow in the higher elevations.

While we didn’t get any precipitation, it’s been quite enjoyable to sit back and enjoy the ambiance that a grey wind brings.

Our temperatures are already rising again; the sky is already more clear. It was a nice tease of what’s to come.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s read the rest. . .

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that dusts worries

that refreshes
my soul.

that look like
on my windows.

that drum
a happy tune.

Sensory Overload.

I love



And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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read the rest. . .
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Rain, Rain… Go Away. Or… Do Something!

My friend Ann at Doodles and Jots posts photos and drawings every day and writes about them. This last week especially, I’ve been enamored with her bird photos. I really recommend her website. She always inspires me with her crafts, ideas, photos, and notes.

So when this opportunity arose in my own yard to photograph the Great Outdoors, I couldn’t help but think of her and wonder how she’d caption the following.

Sunday was a rainy day in the High Desert. This time of year, it’s somewhat expected. But this rain came with high winds. The kind that knock down … read the rest. . .

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