TGIF: February 22, 2013

I can’t begin to express how I feel writing this post. It always feels good when I write. But this one… Because I’ve been fairly absent in the Blogosphere since January… it feels good to Blog.

TGIF says it all. February has gone by so fast for me. Although my Kickstarter Campaign wrapped up on February 1st, I can’t believe how very busy I’ve been with the post-campaign work.

Ordering product, final editing, and, this weekend, sending the Cookbook to the printer.

I feel as though I’ve three jobs. My day job, which helps pay the bills. My writing, which … read the rest. . .

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Sign of Embarrassment

So last night was yet another venture into the otherworld known as Midnight Movie Premiere. That’s a story all its own.

We rode down with one group of friends to a movie theatre just over a half-hour away. We met up with another friend and decided to ride with her on the way back.

Poor Baylee! I think I kept intimidating her with my Back-Seat Driver impersonations: “Oh, Baylee, you’re a great driver, but please don’t tailgate.” (We were a good four car lengths behind any other vehicle.) “I hate driving in the fog, Baylee. I hate it!” (Visibility was … read the rest. . .

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