Beckie Lindsey: When God is Silent

Welcome Beckie Lindsey to Frankly, My Dear. I’ve known this strong woman since she messaged me three years ago. “Can I pick your brain on writing? I’ll buy you a Starbucks.” I pretty much offered to let her move into my study if she supplies coffee regularly. Our friendship developed and is still maintained through a mutual bond of writing, God, cats, and yes, coffee. I’m pleased as punch to have been the first editor on her soon-to-be published Beauties for Ashes, and invited her to share her faith with us.

By Beckie Lindsey @LindseyBeckie

I have a confession … read the rest. . .

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The Desires of My Heart

[This post is one of my Ten Bible Verses I Try to Live By]

Psalm 37:4 is one of my favorites. The NIV version reads

“Delight yourself in the LORD,
and he will give you
the desires of your heart.”

I often feel this verse is misinterpreted.

It doesn’t tell us that once we devote ourselves to God He will bless us abundantly with those things on our wish list. He’s not Santa, waiting to mark us on the “Good” List; or withhold from us when we make mistakes.

Rather, it’s when we find ourselves lost in Him that … read the rest. . .

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