It Finally Feels Like Christmas

This morning I wanted to write a different post. The kind of post I share on Shell’s Pour Your Heart Out weekly sharing at Things I Can’t Say. That’s the kind of mood I was in.

Instead, I swallowed it. I got my Big Girl Panties on and mud kickin’ boots and boy howdy, did my outlook change!

As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’ve been on a writing vacation of sorts for a few days, and I intend to carry it on through the New Year. In the past four days, I’ve had a very productive business meeting (more … read the rest. . .

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A Day of Rest

I recently had the opportunity to combine both my love of writing with my love for people. I shared a rough draft of my Study on the Ten Commandments with a dear friend who later told me Day Three really spoke to him.

After an introduction to the Study and to the Ten Commandments as a whole, Day Three introduces the reader to the First Commandment: “You shall have no other gods before me.” (NIV, Exodus 20:2). What my friend gleamed onto was a short message encouraging the reader to let go of all that distracts us from God.


read the rest. . .
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Ready and Restless

I’m a little bored today. I’m feeling a bit drained and under the weather, so I don’t have enough energy to start the spring cleaning in the back room. That doesn’t stop my mind from planning how to get it all done in just one day. With the exception of buying new shelves, I can get it all done: reorganizing the closet, touch-up painting, and putting knick-knacks away to make room for books. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

I’ve never really been an extremely patient person. But I’m learning to make use of the time at hand. I’m … read the rest. . .

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