Finally… SNOW!

You remember that snowstorm I’ve been waiting for, for a few months? The one that was supposed to hit by Christmas? And again in January? But somehow managed to do nothing except spread lovely rumors of winter white?

Guess what…

We got snow!

There had been much talk about inclement weather for days now, but nobody really believed anything would happen. Several times this winter, any forecast of snow came and went without so much as two flakes. So knowing what the “experts” were calling for didn’t really make it, well, real.

I checked,,,, and the … read the rest. . .

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The Storm That Never Was

Yesterday, I was so excited. I was anticipating the Storm of the Year. Every news broadcast warned to stock up, stay inside, and be safe. Two days of rain and snow and wind were headed our way.

And so we prepared.
We bought groceries and firelogs.
We wore flannel pajamas and made sure flashlights were nearby.

And we waited.
And waited.
And… waited…

And woke up angry.

The storm never happened. We saw a few thick wet snowflakes that teased us for a few minutes, but after half an hour even the rain was milder.

The storm never happened.

And … read the rest. . .

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