Color Me Colorful

The following were individual pages under my “About Me” tab on my homepage. I’ve decided to streamline my pages to be focused on the Four F’s: Faith, Family, Food, and Fun.

And while I had fun brainstorming about all the colors in my life, it didn’t really seem to merit their own pages. So here they are instead as today’s post. Hope they inspire you to see the colors in your world!

Colors have always been more than just aesthetic for me; I relate colors to experiences, moods, environments, people; pretty much every aspect of life.

Each color makes its read the rest. . .

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by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

I’m not terribly concerned with being “Politically Correct”. If something is wrong, it’s wrong.

People are entitled to their opinions, and there are more than one way to skin a cat (although, [a], why would you want to, and [b], whoever thought up that phrase?! I mean… seriously!!!!).

My way of making a bed or boiling an egg or handwriting a letter are different from yours. That doesn’t make it wrong. And I respect your ability to fold sheets and heat water. In fact, I may even learn a thing or two by paying attention.… read the rest. . .

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