Before I devoted more efforts to my Unemployment Cookbook and other writing projects, I blogged much more regularly. From August 2011 through November 2012 I blogged every day. Every. Single. Day.

And while most of it was wonderful, you must admit, there were times when you, as a reader, weren’t too keen on the fact that I wrote every single day. Quality over Quantity was not always my motto.

Of course, now it is. Now, with the Cookbook in production, A Study on the Ten Commandments in pre-editing stages, joining the California Writer’s Club, working a full-time day job, Meal Planning and starting this year’s Housing Project, I’m busier than ever before.

My relationship with Dot has changed. She’s 18 now, an adult. But she’s still my child.

Me & Dot

Me & Dot

Our time together is more precious to me as our conversations are deeper than before, and our outings more adventurous. I love hearing about her college experiences. I like a little less that she drives. A lot. She loves it. And I love having another driver in the family. But I dislike the whole waiting-up-until-she-gets-home-no-matter-what-time-it-is thing. [Side Note to My Mother: I am now, and assuredly will always be, grateful for the endless mothering moments you endured without losing your sanity. You are my example!]

So… as you can surmise, I most definitely have not been mindlessly blogging of late. Previously, on my Facebook page, I would link up the posts from a year ago any particular day. Since I haven’t been Blogging daily since the holidays, that little task went by the wayside.

As a way of getting back into Better Blogging, and to make up for that lack thereof, the following are a few links from the Year-Ago Files for the the month of February.

Happy Reading!

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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