by Molly Jo Realy (@MollyJoRealy)

Hey Peeps!

I hope this finds you all safe and healthy during the current crazy coronavirus crisis. (Say that five times fast!) [No. Seriously. I double-dog dare you, and post it on social media. No prize awarded for your participation, unfortunately.]

Well, I’m dropping a line here to let y’all know that, like so much in life, a change is gonna come. (Cue Otis Redding.)

I’ve been quietly working on my other website,, and while it’s not full-on ready for eyes, pretty soon I’ll be moving content from Frankly, My Dear … over to that site. I’ll keep FMD up as an archive of sorts, but soon I’ll be shutting down emails and contact forms with that connection.

What does that mean for you? Well, nothing much, I hope. But I do want to confirm you’re still interested in getting my posts. So, if y’all could, please click here to resubscribe. You’ll be able to choose if you want emails with upcoming blog posts (now known as Molly Jo’s Journals), or just progress reports on my book(s) in progress. I know some of you subscribed when I was producing the Firsts in Fiction podcast, or running other projects.

There’s also a neat, new widget on my other site that lets you see how I’m tracking my word count progress for BLINDSPOT. Don’t judge if you don’t see the bar move too quickly. It is what it is.

So really, this post is just to remind you that I’m here. But I’m moving. And I hope you’ll move with me. But if you don’t, hey. No hard feelings. I promise.

Come alive and stay wild,

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