by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

1. It’s okay if the Yankees don’t win now and then.

2. The Yankees are, by far, the greatest team in Baseball.

3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is still a great movie.

4. There are “friends” who use you and manipulate you, friends who need you more than you need them, friends who know what you need, and Friends who take care of you.

5. I try to be a Friend to my friends; but I know I sometimes fail.

6. Income is not the same as a job; and work is not the same as a career.

7. God is bigger than the Boogie Man (Veggie Tales!), and He’s bigger than anything I can think of.

8. The world is incredibly old; there is no original idea left. What was once science fiction is history. What is the future was once someone’s dream. What is now is now. All I have that’s unique is perspective.

9. God will give me the desires of my heart… as long as I delight in Him (Psalm 37:4).

10. I like double-speak for creative writing. I hate it in politicians.

11. Life is not hopeless.

12. Everything is temporary.

13. The colder the weather, the snugglier the cat.

14. October changes people.

15. It’s easier to heal with good foods than bad medicine.

16. Dental work doesn’t always hurt.

17. Complacency is brain-atrophy ~ never a good thing.

18. Biographies can be fun.

19. Forgiveness is important. Guidance is important. Understanding and compassion are important. Love is most important.

20. Flashpoint is still the best show on TV, no matter what network it’s on.

21. Flashpoint peeps are still the best no matter how we connect.

22. Facebook and twitter secretly hate each other.

23. Hockey is not boring, but is sure is hard to follow!

24. Bunco is worth it. No matter what.

25. Christmas is one day. The Christmas spirit should be eternal. Commercialism should be killed.

26. My mom and dad did know more than me when I was a teen. I should have listened more.

27. Someday I’m going to be a famous writer… preferably while I’m young enough to enjoy spoiling my family and securing their futures.

28. God loves me. No matter what. No. Matter. What.

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