He said, “Follow me.” I said no.
He waited anyway.

He said, “Stay on this path.” I strayed.
He led me back.

He said, “I love you.” I pushed him away.
He loved me anyway.

He said, “I want to adopt you.” I refused.
He called me His own anyway.

He said, “I want to save you.” I laughed.
He sent His True Son to die in my place.

He said, “Let me bless you.” I ignored his gifts.
He blessed me anyway.

He said, “I will provide.” I wanted it all.
He withheld, but gave me more than I could ever need.

He said, “You are perfect.” I called Him a liar.
He never pointed out my faults.

He said, “Please be careful.” I was careless.
He was tender with me anyway.

He said, “Don’t touch that.” I broke things.
He put the pieces back together.

He said, “I forgive you.” I said, “Who asked you to?!”
He forgave me anyway.

He said, “I still love you.” I told Him to shut up.
He kept loving me anyway.

He said, “I’ll protect you.” I ran into the world.
He protected me from myself.

He said, “Look at me.” And I saw the scars.
He bled for me.

He cried for me.
He cried out to me.

And I stopped turning my back.

He asked me to follow Him.
I said yes.

And He led me.
And He forgave me.

He is so unfair.

17 Years and Counting...
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