Author’s Notes: Con Te Partiro

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This was inspired by Writer’s Digest Community, although I originally forgot to make note of the actual prompt.

I wanted to tell the story of a woman so beleaguered by the events of the world around her that she felt out of control, discarded. How does a person cope when everything is in chaos? She makes more chaos. And this one night, she suddenly had an epiphany, a clarity: she must start over. But how?

When your heart is broken, when everything you experience is shattered, and then you say good-bye, what’s left … read the rest. . .

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My Schedule Went Kablooey and I Didn’t Have a Freakout!

Like some of you, I’m still recovering from Thanksgiving. I’ve still got leftovers in the fridge and a few decorations needing to be put away.

I’m usually quite on top of these things by now. I usually have my Christmas tree up, the stockings hung, the decor set. Usually.

For that last five years or more, it’s been tradition that on Thursday we eat at Mom’s house; and on Friday she comes to our house to help decorate. Then we relax with some cheese and sausage and whatever new Christmas DVD I’ve purchased. On Saturday, we get in some much … read the rest. . .

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A Zippidy-Doo-Dad Day

I’m so excited! I just uploaded this great new recipe software from ZipList. It’s an online and mobile recipe box and grocery list service.

What does that mean for you? My recipes will be streamlined. Easy to read. Easy to print. If you want to create your own online account at ZipList, they’ll digitally store any recipe you want. You can go from site to site to site and collect your favorite recipes. You can change them up, make your notes, keep track of what groceries you already have on hand.

It’s a pretty nifty thing.

So over the next … read the rest. . .

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