My posts this week have been short and focused on two things:
First, I’m working overtime to finish the rough draft of my cookbook. Tonight I plan to have it finished to send it off to my editor for review and finalization. It’s really exciting, to think that soon my dream will be a reality.
It’s just a little cookbooklet; nothing fancy, nothing great. But it’s mine.
And now I’m faced with questions like should I set up a second website, dedicated only to cooking, or only to the cookbook? How do I monitor sales? Should I establish a PayPal account? This is all new territory for me, and I’m feeling a little wow’d by the whole process. Excited, though; not anxious.

My second focus has been the weather. We never did get that big storm they said we would. And then out of the blue yesterday, we’re told to prepare for yet another winter storm coming in tonight. Well I don’t believe them.
Yeah, sure. It would be nice to get that snow they talked about last week. But we’re not supposed to get anything now except some high winds and a few raindrops. Which means we’ll prob’ly finally get that snow.

So I’ve been a little negligent in my posting; and I hope you’ll forgive me. Because when this week is over, I’m going to devote quite a few days of writing to holidays and Christmas posts. Things like, the history of Santa Claus. How I decorate my house. Easy cookie ideas. And maybe a fun little story or two.

Well that’s it. That’s what I’m up to this week.

What’s on your plate?

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