The idea behind a stream of consciousness posting is to write (or type) for a set amount of time (typically five minutes), and not pay much attention to it. No corrections allowed. No changes. Just keep typing out your thoughts and see what happens.

I’m doing this now because it’s after 10 pm on Friday and I have no other idea of what to do for my blog post! I liked it better when I had several days scheduled ahead of time.

This weekend we’re starting a few spring cleaning projects. First up is reorganizing my daughter’s closet. Yes, she’s a teenager and fully capable of doing it herself. But with everything else she handles, why not make this one a family project? I’ll be taking her and my mom out to lunch as a break halfway through the day.

I haven’t kept up with my Bible reading which I was hoping to get caught up on this weekend. It’s looking more like that will happen on Monday.

I have two cats snuggled against me right now. They’re keeping me warm and cozy. =)

I recently started recording “Biography” again. I used to watch it all the time. Today I watched an episode about Erik Estrada and it made me mad because some of it was wrong, and he left out details about his extended family. I know this because I live in Southern California and actually went to high school with one of his relatives. And how I know this kid wasn’t just saying he was a relative, is because aside from the same last name, they were practically identical, other than a few years age difference. (Okay, more than a few, but still!). You can’t even believe a biography! Grrrr.

I want to make a hole in my wall. I do! I want to make a pass-through opening in the large wall of my living room. Except that’s where my daughter’s room is, so I guess I won’t be cutting any walls until she moves out. I’d rather keep her here, so I’m good with no hole in the wall.

I can’t wait to meet with Megan next week so I can see her newest book purchase. She says it will inspire our story series. I’m completely excited!

I may do this SOCS thing every Saturday. It makes for an easy post.

Okay, time’s up. Confession: I corrected all my typos. It’s complete habit to do so. There weren’t that many, anyway… or so I say….

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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