I still don’t have a day job. It’s been just over six months since my boss decided he couldn’t afford to keep me. And since I don’t publicly vent, that’s all you get on that subject.

I’ve been unemployed before. I’m a legal secretary. A licensed insurance agent. I’ve worked for large corporations and sole practitioners. I’m excellent at sales, customer service, administrative duties and, no surprise, communications.

But I can’t seem to find a job. So I’m praying for income. Which is not the same thing.

A job is something you do to earn a paycheck. Income is money you earn. A job typically requires you to put forth constant effort. Income can be residual funds after the effort has been completed.

I want to provide for my family through income. And I’d of course love for that income to come through writing and publishing. Of course, for me, that would be an ongoing effort. I could pick and choose which hours of the day to work. I could work Saturday at midnight or 6 a.m. on Tuesday. As one effort pays off, I could be working on the next. A regular office job doesn’t offer that flexibility. But it does offer stability (or so it should). I’m willing, and looking for, any kind of income/job that will accomplish my financial tasks.

I’d love to have a savings account again some day. I’d love to take a real vacation again this year. Those things don’t look too promising, right now. But I figure as long as each month I can take care of my mortgage, car payment, utilities, fuel, and groceries… anything else is a bonus.

I’ve been blessed to be able to use this time to head toward that goal. I’m working on the final drafts of the Unemployment Cookbook. Megan and I have ideas to grow our one story into at least a nine-book series. And my house gets cleaner and more organized every week.

I’ve spent this time learning: Learning discipline to sit and write. To cook better. To take care of myself and family better. To clean and not let things stockpile. Learning what works for me and my household, and what doesn’t. Learning to learn: researching recipes and writings and crafts and any- and every-thing that needs researching.

I’ve spent this time developing my drive: Driving around town to accomplish errands. Spending quality time with friends and volunteering my abilities to help when I can. Developing that inner drive that pushes me to accomplish goals instead of keeping them on the To-Do List.

And I’ve spent this time enjoying this time. Not having a paycheck is stressful, but it doesn’t mean my entire life is. I’ve enjoyed having coffee at Mom’s nearly every morning. I like the quiet time I have in the middle of the day with my Bible. I look forward to being creative with whatever foods are already in my pantry.

I may be unemployed; but I am certainly not out of work.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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