Rush Limbaugh is in a world of hurt right now based on slanderous, base comments he made and then refused to apologize for until his radio talk show sponsors began to drop their support. And I’m glad.

And I’m furious.

I’m a Conservative Christian Woman, and I’m getting a bad rap all around. First of all, for anyone in government who really cares to listen, then listen to this:

STOP FLIPPING THE COIN: You want a separation of Church and State? Then stop mandating what religious organizations can and cannot do. If a secular person gets a job at a religious organization, that person SHOULD NOT request the organization to change it’s belief. But since the squeaky wheel gets the grease, I guess that’s exactly what you’re after. Little by little, your “separation of Church and State” is being hacked away. Or built up. Depending on what this week’s political agenda is.

EMPLOYEES/STUDENTS: Just as employers are banned from discriminating against employees, said employees should not look for ways to interfere with the daily duties of the employer. If a pro-choice woman wants to have sex before marriage, and that is in direct conflict with the character beliefs of a religious organization, why, oh why! would she apply to work or attend classes or otherwise be publicly involved there? If you don’t like certain standards, why put yourself in a position where you’d have to adhere to them? Don’t tell me you want to study or work for such a great group that has ethics and morals and a “safe environment” if you’re only there for a paycheck. Just don’t. Either believe in the organization enough to support them while you’re there, or go somewhere else.

I’m a Conservative Christian Woman. I would never ever expect my Church to compromise our mission statement or beliefs by freely offering contraceptives to its employees. And I would be disappointed if the staff asked for it.

If you are taking such a stance as working at a Church which inherently is pro-marriage, and then you demand health coverage for sex-related conduct, there’s a dichotomy there that’s hard to reconcile. Rather, wouldn’t it be less expensive and less stressful for you to find work elsewhere?

Now that’s my opinion: you want contraceptive health coverage, find a job that offers it. But don’t demand that the government force it through religious institutions.

I respect Sandra Fluke. I may not agree with her beliefs. We have a difference of opinion. But that does not make her a slut or a prostitute. That just makes us two individual women navigating our way through America today. She presented herself in a much more professional manner than Rush did.

And Rush… you are so out of line. I know what my choice is. I know what I believe and what I teach my daughter. But calling another woman names for speaking up for her beliefs… what you did, makes real Christian Conservatives look bad.

You do not speak for this Conservative Christian Female. Because if you did, you would speak softly, with love and patience and a sense of compassion. Instead, you have labelled all of us as arrogant, unmoving, unsympathetic left-wing Bible thumping intolerants.

What you did, was to draw national attention to a matter that is far less significant than our economy, the battles of Syria, the cold winters in Russia where people are drinking so much just to stay warm that they’re actually dying!, and honest-to-goodness real oppression of females and Christians worldwide.

Because you’re a big shot “conservative” on the radio and people listen to you, you think you are immune. You think everyone else is wrong and you are right.

You are the pot-stirrer, Rush. You are the one making headlines today, not Sandra. To single her out as your decrepit example is disgusting and cruel.

You are the reason that people shy away from me and my real Conservative beliefs.

You owe an apology to me, my daughter, my mother, Sandra Fluke, and every other woman and man who is just trying to get through life without intentionally causing conflict.

You didn’t even care to apologize until you started to lose financial support. You dug in your heels and refused to even consider that you crossed a line. But once your bills weren’t gonna get paid, you changed your convictions.

And so I ask you: Who’s really the whore?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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