It’s been about two months since I’ve posted any Lessons Learned. You would think in that amount of time I would have amassed a whole lotta learnin’. You would think.

I don’t think I learned a lot, so much as I kept re-learning the same things in different ways.

Although some things are new.

Ready? Here’s what’s been in my brain lately:

1. Black-headed grosbeaks look very similar to Baltimore Orioles.
2. Grosbeaks, among other birds, like to eat dry cereal like Cheerios and Rice Krispies.

3. Writing is something I do best when I do it for myself.

4. Having said that, it’s awful nice when other people appreciate my writing.

5. When I was away in college 20 years ago, my mom sent me a stickee pad with Old Maxine on them. They said, “You didn’t know how you’d get through yesterday, either, but here you are.” That’s been my unconscious motto for a while now.

6. Music is awesome. It’s one of the greatest languages ever written.

7. Family Game Night is the craziest, funnest night of the month!

8. Sweet Broom plants are gorgeous! And attract bees. Bonus!
9. Some people will always be friends. No matter the time, distance, and drama that happens in your individual lives. Some people can be in your life every day and never be a true friend.

10. Cats don’t like thunderstorms. Cats like people who keep them safe from thunderstorms.

11. Hardcover books are better than digital books.

12. But digital books have their perks.

13. Flashpoint is still the best show on TV, and best community on Facebook.
14. CBS was really stupid when they didn’t renew Flashpoint last summer. ION was really smart to pick it up as their first first-run series, meaning they no longer air only reruns.

15. It’s a rule of nature that as my daughter gets older, so do I. Yet while she’s ready to graduate high school, I’m not ready to let her go out into the world. It’s a very scary place out there. And I’m her mommy. I just want to keep her safe and happy. And in my arms.
16. I love cooking. And I’m not too bad at baking. Wilton has the greatest cake molds for such things!

17. If I wasn’t a writer, I’d be a party planner. But I’m a writer. And I like that better.

18. Starbucks is great. Friends who get how important Starbucks is, are priceless.
19. Sometimes the world isn’t fair. And it stinks.

20. Sometimes God isn’t fair. And I’m so very thankful.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

"An Innocent Man"
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