It’s not really Sunday for me. But it is for you. I’m writing this now because I’m still (will be still) on Retreat.

I’m watching FLASHPOINT episodes on my DVR. It’s so bittersweet. I can directly relate so much of my life before-and-after FLASHPOINT. Before, I wanted to write. I watched TV. I didn’t really talk to strangers online. After, I am a writer. I am committed to my writing. And I’ve made so many friends through FPTO. People I’ve never actually met, but who are nicer to me than some real people I know/knew.

I deleted some friends from my life last week: facebook, twitter, email, and in general. It was an awkward moment when I saw one in public and she asked why. It’s not that I am antisocial again. It’s that I carefully choose who I associate with.

I started actually writing material again. Short stories. So in a month, or hopefully even less, I can start submitting to magazines and contests and see where that takes me.

I’m looking forward to Women’s Retreat. Which, by the time you read this, is where I’ll be.

Next Wednesday, my blog’s “What’s the Word? Wednesday” theme will be all about Mom’s. I’m excited for that, and I really hope to get a great number of links to read Mom Stories from everyone.

Well, now I have to finish cleaning the house and packing for retreat and then I’m off to watch Dot in her high school play. She graduates in four weeks so it’s a whirlwind around here coordinating parties and Grad Nite and events and finals and dentists and visits and everything else… but it’s a good whirlwind.

I love my Daughter. She’s always amazing me. She’s so awesome. Sometimes I take a step back and see her as more of a person than just my daughter, and I’m taken by surprise. If she wasn’t my daughter, I’d want her to be. I really would.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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