On the heels of yesterday’s post How to Help a Mourner, I admit that I’ve had to unfriend a few people on Facebook. It makes me sad that it came to this. But it’s also a bit refreshing. It’s a bit like cleaning the dust bunnies out from under the bed. You know what I mean… those harmless, hidden bits of dirt and debris that after a while grow so big you have no choice but to bring out the Dyson and suck them out into daylight and the garbage can. Yeah. It’s been like that.

My Mom (and Olivia Walton) say there’s nothing like cleaning when you’re upset or waiting. And since this week has been a handful of both, two days ago I finally got a step-stool and a bottle of Pine-Sol, and today I attacked the laundry room. An hour of scrubbing, sweeping, wiping, and washing; a wire shelf installed in the cabinet… and I’m almost done.

And tomorrow I have a job interview. A big job interview. This could be the job. So along with cleaning the laundry room, I’ve been doing laundry.

What a great feeling. Fresh. Productivity. Cleanliness. Doing something. Anything.

The first step to getting back to the New Normal.

And I’m not really sure how I feel about that. Because I wasn’t ready to feel good this soon. But feeling good right now, smiling and finding something to be happy about… is a good feeling.

It’s like a cleansing breath of fresh air after being closed up for a while.

A deep, cleansing breath.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

What's the Word? Wednesday (Blog Hop): May 30, 2012
How to Help a Mourner
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