Dot’s been out of school for just over one week.

Last week, we got in the car and since it was a weekday morning, I almost automatically drove her to school. I caught myself and said, “Hey, I don’t have to drive you to school today!”

And then I realized, “Hey. I never get to drive you to school again.”

In the last week, she’s been hanging with her peeps, reading, and doing the usual, “What are we doing today?” questioning.

So this weekend we saw MEN IN BLACK 3. Great movie! I mean, Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, New York City, the suits… what’s not to love, right!?

Today we walked to my mom’s house. It’s exactly one mile door-to-door. And since I’ve been wanting to get in a little more exercise, I figure this is a good way to start. Along the way, we took some great nature photographs.

To keep the Family Time Ball rolling tonight, we did something we haven’t done in years: we put together a puzzle!

We had the TV on in the background and watched the Kings take the Stanley Cup! [SHOUT OUT TO THE SECOND FAMILY! BEST HOCKEY FANS ON EARTH!]

It was so much fun! We worked together, we talked, we laughed. For two hours, my daughter and I were solely focused on our Family Time. It went by too fast.

So you know what? I think we’re gonna do it again soon.

Just one of the advantages of being unemployed while Dot’s out of school.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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