Not only is it Wednesday again, it’s a new month! There is so much going on, I’ve actually had to write out my To Do List instead of keeping it in my head. I actually like keeping busy like this. I love having a To Do List that gets crossed off. It makes me feel productive.

Dot’s getting her driver’s license. She and her best friend are starting colleges. I’ve been playing with the idea of re-enrolling for one or two classes myself and finally finishing up my degree.

I got a burr up my saddle this morning and woke up before the sunrise (literally!) and after a few minutes of peaceful reading, I began deep cleaning the house section by section, room by room. I started a new trick: since Dot was still asleep when I was working, for every chore I needed her to complete I wrote a Stickee Note and stuck it to the door of the room. When she finished a particular task, the note went in the garbage. Of course, we only conquered one entire room together. Then she cleaned her bedroom as I went off to “work”.

“Work” today consisted of meeting with a friend and helping her start a Facebook page for her new business. You’ll read more on that in the next few days, and of course I’ll have links for you to follow. She, in turn, took me to lunch at a local taco place which gave me material for another trekaroo review.

Tonight I organized my Unemployment Folder. It’s where I keep every slip of paper they send me, copies of claim forms, and my notebook that tracks every single job application and resume I’ve turned in since July 11, 2011. Every. Single. One. At first I was overwhelmed and saddened by the amount of paperwork involved. Week after week after week of claim forms and rejection slips. A constant moment of what life is compared to what it was. And suddenly in the middle of reorganizing everything, I was overwhelmed with joy. And peace. Because I’ve made it over a year on unemployment and in that time, I’ve written and published my Cookbook, reinstated at Institute of Children’s Literature, entered contests, and developed more than a passing passion for writing. I’ve been honing my skills, and that’s never a waste of time.

So while tonight began with trepidation, it ends in celebration. And the funny thing is, this post has fashioned itself after the future. For Hope. And while that wasn’t intentional, it works. Jenn at …so this is love… invited me to participate in

“As we celebrate the Olympics, Melanie Crutchfield had the fabulous idea to pass the torch of “Hope” around the blogging community. The idea being that she has asked some fabulous folks to write about Hope, and then we ask some more fabulous folks to write about Hope and before you know it, Hope is spreading around the blogging community! Melanie is going to compile all of the posts she can at the end of the Olympics and host her own version of the closing ceremonies.

And I thought I’d write something profoundly thoughtful and thought-provoking. But sometimes, it’s just being able to say, in the moment, that this is okay. That maybe, this is As Good As It Gets. And I have to be okay with that.

And I am. Because even if this is as good as it gets… as long as it doesn’t get any worse, I’m more than okay.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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