Waiting for Rain

In the midst of this heatwave,
My cats are drinking ice water
And I’m keeping all windows and blinds closed.

It makes it darker. It makes it cozier.
And it makes it almost okay to listen to
What I call “Autumn” music:

Those tunes by Diana Krall and Harry Connick, Jr.
That bring to mind Autumn in New York
Crisp leaves, caramel apples, and Central Park.

In the midst of this heatwave,
Dot is far away
Camping in the Sierras

And sending daily reports
of amazing photos and adventures
That don’t involve heat stroke.

In the midst of this heatwave,
The house is still getting clean
and organized

But not as fast as I’d like.

I’m watching more television
than usual
and I’m now caught up
on the junk they call “news”.

My checkbook is balanced
but the paperwork is scattered

And I think I’ll get more done

at midnight

when it finally cools down
to a balmy 85 degrees

But that is finally when
the cats and I


to fall asleep

And dream
of cooler days.

First Morning

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

I Couldn't Sleep Last Night
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