My daughter has an iPhone 4S. She bought it with money she received for her high school graduation. I, having not graduated recently, still have my two-year-old Android.

In the past two months, I have grown convinced that an iPhone is the phone for me. And this is my official notice that it is now tops on my Christmas List this year. (Or, Hallowe’en treat. Or back-to-school special. Or just “I’m thinking of you NOW” gift, if whoever-you-are is feeling prematurely presentatious.)

The differences between my Droid and Dot’s 4S, in no particular technical order, are:

  • My battery no longer holds a decent charge. It stays plugged in to the wall 3 times more often than not. Even after being replaced six weeks ago. Dot’s battery has lasted her through four days of camping. Granted, she turned it off, often. But I know dollars-to-donuts my Droid wouldn’t have turned back on after Day 2.
  • Her iPhone camera is far, far better than mine. I’d rather not demonstrate. It’s depressing.
  • My Droid freezes up often when texting, or opens random applications (Calendar or ColorNotes, for example). Dot’s applications work when, and only when, she wants them to.
  • My Droid overheats. Often. Regularly. Her iPhone never does. Never.
  • Where Dot has chosen some amazing games and applications, I worry about adding anything new to my Droid.
  • Her screen is bigger than mine.
  • Hers is white. Mine is the basic black/steel looking frame.
  • The iPhone has iTunes.
  • The iPhone has Siri.
  • Since we are an Apple/Mac family, the iPhone would work better with my laptop.
  • Since we are an Apple/Mac family, if I had problems with the iPhone, my brother (whom I affectionately refer to as my unofficial business manager and techie guru) can resolve any such issue. Notsomuch with my Droid.
  • Instagram. Need I say more?
  • Because I do so much internet/social media work, it’s essential for me to have a dependable hand computer smart phone.

I asked friends if they preferred iPhones over Droids or other cell phones, and the overwhelming response was


Which leaves me with this one last reason to save for an iPhone:

  • Because I want one. Period.

My dear friend Lisa thinks Apple should offer me an iPhone for a product review. I agree. But that’s just me.

Are you listening, Apple? Hello? Just a bite? Please?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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