I just finished watching President Obama accept the Democratic nomination for Presidential candidate for the upcoming election. Last week, I watched Mitt Romney accept on behalf of the Republicans.

Without disclosing any political leanings I might have, because that’s a personal issue, I have made a few observances that I want to share.

  1. There is no Ideal Candidate.
  2. There is no Ideal Party.
  3. There are aspects to each that I like, and aspects to each that I don’t like.
  4. I think Electoral Votes should be obsolete. I believe the Popular Vote should be recognized.
  5. I think State-issued ID’s should be required for all voters.
  6. I seriously dislike mudslinging, and it doesn’t do anyone a disservice by saying “my opponent” and “they” instead of naming the person/party. Literal finger pointing feels like an attack.
  7. I don’t like people standing up to say they speak for me. I am female. I am a mother. I am a Christian. I am a worker. I am a business owner. I am an employee. I am a homeowner. It is impossible for another person or group of people to completely represent me, and I wish they would stop trying.
  8. Just because I am all those things does not mean I agree with those who are trying to speak for me. I do, however, respect those who speak to one or two of these things without acting like they speak for me in my entirety.
  9. I agree with many people on many things, but I don’t agree with just one person or party on all things.
  10. I am not looking forward to the abundance of negative political ads that are now anticipated.
  11. No one is perfect. I’m not. You’re not. I don’t expect the candidate I choose to vote for to be perfect.
  12. I do, however, believe public personas, particularly powerful politicians, have a duty and responsibility to maintain a better character. Not just a clean image; but actual character.
  13. I respect people who own up to their mistakes. I dislike people who shovel blame onto others.
  14. I think this country needs some major changes on some issues, and should remain hands-off on others.
  15. I’m worried that being Politically Correct will get in the way of Common Sense, and I’m worried that Bipartisanship is a thing of the past.

Anyway, part of me is looking forward to the election. Another part of me is terrified.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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