…so this is love… is one of my favorite Blogs. She’s also on twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. We connect a lot.

We connected through BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo over a year ago. Since then, I’ve followed her touching stories of being a child therapist, her struggles with infertility, and her amazing adventures in life. Right now, she’s in the middle of a cross-country journey with her husband Casey, her mom Sandy, and their two dogs.

And yesterday, she drove through my part of the world. How awesome is that?! I may live in a little nowheresville-type place, but it’s on the direct connect from L.A. to Vegas. When I heard Jenn would be driving by, I insisted they detour off the freeway and we meet up for coffee!

Being calm and subdued as usual.

It was just like meeting up with an old friend. There was no awkwardness, no debilitating silence. Just a great hour spent with a great friend and her family.

Blog Family: Sandy (mom), Casey (husband), Jenn

We started by mixing up our Starbuck’s. At the appointed time, we both texted each other, “Here”, only to find “here” was about five miles apart. I quickly drove to their location and entered the store. I recognized them immediately, which was a great comfort. I was nervous there might be the pretense of a public persona vs. private, and I wasn’t sure which I’d be encountering.

On my way there, I thought to myself, “I should have warned her I’m a hugger.” But there was no need. I stepped in to the ‘Bucks and there they were. She rose immediately and embraced me like a long-lost friend. Hugs, handshakes, and how-do-you-do’s all around, and we sat down with our lattes and started talking.

There was no “get to know you” chatter. No deep questions. We already know so much. We’re connected nine ways to Sunday. Meeting in person was just the icing on the cake.

New Old Friends

What’s better than wonderful? Terrific? Heartfelt? When they left, there were hugs all around, and I felt a little sad. I was mentally scheming of ways to follow them to Las Vegas. Now that would be a fun pin in the map!

I loved hearing about their trip so far. Favorite moments? Too many to mention. Plans gone awry? They go with the flow. Expectations? Exceeded. Adventures? By the Bucket Load.

I love living vicariously through her posts: the visits to places I’ve been (The Henry Ford Museum). Photos of places I’ve yet to see (Hershey, PA). But my favorite so far is The Story of Road Warrior.

Abundant with photos, her Blog documents the little moments in her life as well as the big ones. Today she posted on Instagram: her dog Skeeter was checking out a picture of us on Facebook. Not to be outdone, Little Cat is now on Instagram, checking out Skeeter, checking out us.


Because we do things thoroughly, me and Jenn. That’s why she’s such a great friend. And I’m pretty sure this meet-up was just the first drop in the bucket.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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