We’re really getting in the Harvest atmosphere around here. With Dot being out of school and our neighborhood being a quiet, keep-to-yourself kind of place, we never get Trick-or-Treaters. And in case you think I’m embellishing, I’m really not.

My Mummy used to buy just one bag of candies to give away on her street. When Dot was young, we were her only customers. Now she just gives us the bag the day before to save time.

But we definitely like the Harvest-Thanksgiving mindset. We took Mum to the Pumpkin Patch today and had just as much fun as we did on Saturday.


We followed it up with a stop at the local Frozen Yogurt Shop. As you can probably guess, it was dee-licious!

Frozen Yogurt – Yumm!

Tomorrow will feature the first product for the Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway, and I’m so very excited! It’s the first of several wonderful items for your house, home, and holidays so I hope you’ll come back for your chances to win!

Just Some of the Items in the
Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway

And now, since today is Hallowe’en, I’m opening up this week’s “What’s the Word?” Wednesday for something a little different: I’d love to see photos of your little ghosts and goblins, Falling for Fall, and all things Thankful. Post up your Harvest celebrations whether it be prose, poems or pictures; or, for that matter, any wonderful thing you want to share.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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