Lately, I’ve been seeing food and mommy bloggers talk about Bento Boxes. I’m late to the party, so I don’t have all the details. But what I’ve seen, I like.

Bento is a lunch form that originated in Japan. My brief research indicates that “Bento” means:

  • A packed lunch, typically consisting of healthy items rather than fast food.
  • Food styling. That is, creating art with your food to make it visually appealing.
  • The container itself.

Most Bento lunches are designed for young school children. Moms send them off with themed lunches like sandwiches cut into cookie cutter shapes, boiled eggs sliced and decorated with cheese, fruits and vegetables peeled and curled, meats cut into various triangles and squares…

You get the picture.

Bento for adults is also coming on strong. A box can be packed with sushi or steamed rice and meats in the large container, fruits and vegetables in the medium section, and dessert in the smallest.

From the various articles I’ve read, many Bento boxes are divided into three sections: Large, Medium, Small. The rule of thumb is to pack the food into the containers. Pack being the operative word, so it doesn’t slide around. Make sure it’s durable (food). The less juice/water, the better as this prevents the food from getting sloppy. You can also purchase small cupcake wrappers to act as dividers/holders to keep small foods from spilling.

Another reason for packing it to the hilt, is the average stuffed Bento box holds approximately 600 calories. Now, I’ve never been one to remember the difference between calories, carbs, or chamomile tea. But I figure if I even add meat to a healthy side salad and it fills me up, that’s better than visiting the local burger joint every day.

I’m going to buy my own Bento box soon and give it a try. I’m looking forward to steamed rice and chicken or fish; vegetables; boiled eggs and yogurts. Not only will these foods keep nicely in the Bento box, but they’ll also give me energy and brain power I need to get through my busy day.

I’m so enamored with the creativity of the Bento! And so very excited I’m not the only one. Search “Bento” on Pinterest and see what comes up! Many wonderfully, creative ideas.

I can’t wait to track my Bento for this first week of work and tell you what I learn:

  • About how much food it holds
  • About what kinds of foods are energizing and Bento-compatible
  • About new themes (maybe a Vegan style lunch, or autumn leaf shapes)
  • About my beginning food styling skills

In fact, I just created a new Bento! Pinterest Board for my inspirations.

What kinds of foods do you pack in your lunches?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

[My Bento inspirations originated with Rachel over at Following In My Shoes. Give her a glance!]

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