I never meant for my TGIF post to become a sequel, let alone a three-peat. The first one went a little viral thanks to Good People in the Blogosphere. I’m still amazed at the Good Things that came from pouring my heart out.

To be so confident in my vulnerability is a teeter-totter I’m still learning to balance.

I still have so much to say, and now I know I can say it. Now I’m not afraid of open myself up more. I’ve always striven for authenticity. I realize now that includes depth.

It’s another Friday night. Another end of the work-week and the middle of the month. It’s after Dot’s birthday and before the Holidays.

Tonight, I have so much to say. But I can only articulate one simple breath:

I’m So Very Thankful.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote.

Maybe I Should've Just Gone on Welfare
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