I realize the title of this post may seem oxymoronic, given that my posts are few and far between lately. This is true, but it’s not true.

I’m not blogging as often as I used to, which means the posts I do write had better be of better quality. Notice the repetitive word, better? Flash back to my Word of the Year post. This is the year when I take what I already have and make it better.

Today’s post is going to be the start of a series on blogging. I’ve been honored to have several people ask for my advice in starting their own blog. There’s a plethora of information I can give, so before we both jump into the deep end, I’d like to ask: what are you asking me?



For today’s post, I’m asking you to let me know your questions, ideas, thoughts, concerns… What kind of blog are you looking to start? What is its purpose? Is it to educate, share a business, vent, or just be creative?

Who will your audience be? Are you hoping to make money through your blog? Do you want to save the world or entertain your corner of it?

Do you have formatting and start-up questions? Are you interested in the behind-the-scenes work or just the up-front writing?

I’m more than willing to share the journey I’m going through with Frankly, My Dear… but I’d also love to know the journeys you plan to take.

Blank Pages are the World's Canvas

Blank Pages are the World’s Canvas

So here’s your chance. What are your questions about blogging? Leave them in the comments and I’ll curate them together for a series on building a better blog.

Remember: There’s no such thing as a dumb question. When I started blogging, I found that many others had the same questions I did. The research can be tiring and seemingly endless. I’d like to help. Tell me your questions. I’ll find you the answers. Or at least do my best.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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